We are understated

It’s our mission to make your life more relaxed and successful by curating and creating your understated appearance. We’ll do so by creating sophisticated styles, making it very easy to order and then individually cutting and tailoring uniquely for you. We are British, defiant in taste, we cut and tailor for individuals.

Timeless & Defiant

Just imagine waking up without worries about your style and fit. What if you were able to order understated garments online or in store and that they would be individually cut and crafted for you? And what if those garments were timeless and defiant in style and of a quality that will last for years to come…indeed improving with age?

Order Online

We quickly take your measurements in store and create your online account. Now, you can browse through our carefully designed ever-changing collection and start ordering online. You just can’t go wrong! We’ll craft your garments in a modern artisanal way and deliver it to your local shop for pick-up. That’s how we define contemporary British tailoring. You, your wife, boyfriend, friends, mistress or colleagues will love your understated style and flattering fit.