the cotton suit

More functionality then a Swiss army knife! A cotton suit fits easily in the trend of wearing less formal outfits to work. As its not mandatory to wear a suit at Goldman Sachs, this cotton suit will defiantly is an addition to your wardrobe. The patch pockets will assist the fabric as a more casual suit. The nicest part is that you can combine this with a lot of earthly tones. “A gentlemen never wears brown, when in town.” A rule from the 80’s when suits should have a tie, and everybody at Goldman Sachs wore suits to work....

Pleased to meet you...We are understated

It’s our mission to make your life more relaxed and successful by curating and creating your understated appearance. We’ll do so by creating sophisticated styles, making it very easy to order and then individually cutting and tailoring uniquely for you. We are British, defiant in taste, we cut and tailor for individuals.